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Laminar 3 Concept Car

( Product Design - Transport Design )

The Laminar 3 is the third iteration of an electric concept car that features adjustable aerodynamics to best suit the driving conditions. Providing better down-force when cornering, and better aerodynamic efficiency for freeway driving. In this updated concept this version addresses aerodynamic efficiency though rear aerodynamics.

Borrowing from current day Hypermiling vehicles, the Laminar 3 concept adopts the aerodynamic advantage of a tapering rear section (boat tail) to reduce aerodynamic drag during freeway driving (Low Drag Profile).

To address the practical side of city driving the rear section of this concept can fold up. Reducing the overall dimensions of the car for easier parking and maneuverability, while also providing access to the rear boot(trunk).

While cornering this folded up profile acts as a rear spoiler providing extra grip to the rear tires (High Down-force Profile) 3 concept will actively alter between the Low Drag and High Down-force profiles, providing the user with the optimum combination of safety and efficiency through every driving condition.

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