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Laminar 2 Concept Car

( Product Design - Transport Design )

Reduced aerodynamic drag allows us to drive efficiently, saving on fuel and emissions. Downforce, a type of drag, provides traction, allowing you to corner safely. The aerodynamics of your car is the result of a compromise between these two factors.

Laminar 2 is the second iteration of a design concept that investigates the use of a adjustable front wing system to increase a vehicles aerodynamic efficiency and down-force without a compromise on either.

The Laminar 2 concept is a blend of these two aerodynamic profiles. When its front wing is rotated down to a 40 degree angle to the road, air is deflected upwards pushing the car into the ground for safer cornering. Rotating the wing up to a 0 degree angle allows oncoming air to flow easily around the streamline cabin increasing efficiency for straight freeway driving.

Features such as driver to passenger mirrors, a central driving position and large glass cockpit have been retained. Along with some new features such electroluminescent hubcaps for night visibility, and a rear panorama camera and HUD to replace the rear-view mirrors.

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