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Airline Clothesline Concept

( Product Design Exercise )

The traditional backyard clothesline is a free and eco-friendly alternative to a clothesdryer, given that you have the backyard and privacy for it.

Unfortunately for inner city apartment residents, hanging their clothes on a balcony clothes line is not an option. As an alternative they either install an energy inefficient clothesdryer or use a drying rack near a heater.

The ‘Air-line Clothesline’ uses a ventilation drying process. This involves cycling in ambient outside air to absorb the moisture in the clothing. It is the same way that a traditional clothesline dries clothes on a windy day, however with the airline this process has been accelerated.

In addition to drying your clothing the ‘Airline’ provides a number of other benefits, over your existing clothesline. Namely the enclosed chamber protecting the clothing if it were to suddenly rain, and a venetian slat system allowing radiant heat from the sun in, while maintaining privacy and reducing the visual impact of having clothing visible to the public.

The Airline Clothesline Concept also incorporates a power management system for low light/night use. During daytime operation two moisture sensors read the difference in air moisture between air that enters the unit and the air that exits the unit. When the difference is negligible, the clothes are dry and solar power is directed to charging on-board batteries for use at night.

The balcony space is quite often the least used spaces in an apartment, and the most practical location for this design. However, in light of the odd occasion when people do actually use their balcony the ‘Air-line’ can fold flat against a balcony ledge taking up minimal space.

And most importantly, just like a traditional clothesline, the ‘Air-line’ requires no external power source, only the environment around it.

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