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Laminar 3 Concept Car
The Laminar 3 is the third iteration of a concept car that features adjustable aerodynamics to best suit the driving conditions. Providing better down-force when cornering, and better aerodynamic efficiency for freeway driving.

Following feedback regarding the lack of a rear aerodynamic profile with Laminar 2 this new concept aims to address this through the incorporation of a tapering rear end to further improve aerodynamic efficiency. But as is the case with all aerodynamic Hypermiler cars a fixed long aerodynamic tail can be impractical for driving/parking in the city.

One possible solution would be to have an adjustable rear section that can fold away to reduce the length of the vehicle.
Pagemark Smartphone Concept
Smartphones are truly remarkable things, in continual succession new models are released with bigger screens and more technology. We now interface with our phones in such an elegant way with the touchscreen. Unfortunately smartphones do break, and quite often it is a cracked screen.

One possible solution would be to use an alternate, more robust means of input to a touchscreen.
Remora Concept Car
Todays electric vehicles cater to a specific market of users. Namely people who can work around significant charging times (8hours), and have a lockable enclosed space in which to plug in their car for that duration. Making using a vehicle without a garage difficult.

One possible solution would to be to remove the dependence of the battery from the vehicle.
Wavelength Telephone Concept
Anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves answering phones and making calls all day would sympathize with the strain of holding a phone receiver to their ear over a lengthy call. Addressing this need is the headset which improved usability. However wearing headsets over a long duration can cause discomfort.

One possible solution would be to incorporate directional audio technology into a communication platform.
Airline Clothesline Concept
Clothes driers account for roughly 2% of energy usage in the home. In light of this the clothesline has become a desirable alternative, given you have the backyard or privacy and time to use one. If you happen to live in an apartment chances are you don't.

One possible solution would be to develop an enclosed clothesline with an accelerated drying system.
Laminar 2 Concept Car
Reduced aerodynamic drag allows us to drive efficiently, saving on fuel and emissions. Downforce, a type of drag, provides traction, allowing you to corner safely. The aerodynamics of your car is the result of a compromise between these two factors.

One possible solution would be to develop a vehicle with an adjustable aerodynamic profile to best suit the driving conditions.
Cicader Nightlight Concept
Nightlights help sooth our fears of the dark as a child, or help light our path when we're a bit older. With these two contrasting target markets there are two differing aesthetic needs; a child desires a nightlight is playful and familiar, while an adults nightlight is unobtrusive to the area where it is placed.

One possible approach would be to have a nightlight that is styled towards the child that uses it as well as the parent that lives with it.
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